Everyone Has a Story: What’s Yours?



Life is full of half truths. We omit details both to protect ourselves and to protect others, but that defensive behavior serves nobody. It stifles relationships and builds walls. It limits the evolution and connection we so desperately crave.

As a writer I’ve learned that the best way to connect with others is through direct, honest communication. Through sharing our stories we connect with our own deep truths, which allow us to see and be seen by others.


In my own life I’ve witnessed incredible physical transformation that is within the reach of every single person. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

It requires telling the whole truth.

I’d like to help you find your magic, your truth, your spirit, your reason, your freedom.

Sometimes the story begins when it ends, but other times we simply begin where we are. It can be frightening, yet it’s the first of several conscious steps toward an ending that is yet another beginning.

IMG_9930Identifying your story is encouraging, telling your story is liberating, and changing your story to match your dreams is downright emancipating.

I’ve worked hard to feel confident enough to write my truth, and I’d like to help you write yours. My wish for you is that you’ll learn how to craft stories that do two miraculous things:  making the strange familiar and making the familiar strange.

Let’s do this.