Do You Need a Cheerleader?

Not sure what happens next? Let me help.

I’ve worked with students between ages 10 and 92. I teach in small groups and also offer one-on-one coaching, editing, and support. One of my favorite things to do is to help writers discover the “aboutness” of their work. Sometimes a student writes a story, but they bury the lede and dance around what the piece is really about. I help bring the story to the top.

One of my super powers is helping writers mine for meaning and truth through encouraging self-exploration and showing them how to push against their edges.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you advance your writing, please contact me here.


“Jaime guides with the pitch-perfect blend of straightforward feedback and a curious, capacious ear. I especially appreciate her ability to track the effectiveness and focus of a session, and her willingness to suggest we should pause and regroup if it will make better use of my limited time and financial resources. Also, gone is not forgotten with Jaime—writing can be such a lonely, thankless endeavor and Jaime treats her clients as though what they’re doing actually matters, that she’s rooting for you and sending succinct leads and suggestions unbidden, above and beyond the benefits of any one paid session. Best writing guide/coach/comrade I’ve found!” Jennifer Keller

“Jaime’s loving and encouraging swift kicks in the butt helped me gain more confidence to pitch- and get published! Her feedback is honest, direct, and kind. Jaime is the best cheerleader with a contagious spirit!” Samantha Greene

“Thank you Jaime for your help with the 5th grade memoirs. They were truly outstanding and I was so proud of their vulnerability, humor, and honesty shared. Your talents and thoughtfulness really helped. Happy summer!” Mary Gail Wareham – Learning Specialist, Cape Cod Academy

“From week to week we sat around a patio table sharing peeks into each other’s lives.  Jaime encouraged us to let each story grow into an experience, and each experience expand into an adventure.  The process reminded me somewhat of building a cosy fire. The stories were kindling, which flamed into experiences before bursting into fiery adventures. Jaime’s class couldn’t have been a warmer experience had we been sitting around a fire pit in the dead of winter.” Robert Mathews

“Jaime Stathis edits with a razor-sharp focus and always improves my writing. She makes me a better writer. I highly recommend her.” Charles G. Thompson

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jaime and not only is she an excellent writer and storyteller, she edits with the precision of surgeons’ eyes.” Yassmin Manauchehri

“Jaime did a great job keeping the class going and remaining unflappable during global turmoil. During the 9 weeks of our class there were forest fires, evacuations, civil unrest, a pandemic, unhealthy smoke, and even confused in-laws. Through all the distractions and life-threatening events (ie. in-laws) Jaime remained cheerful, undaunted, and on task. She has a gift of gently yet firmly encouraging writers to be fearless, tell their story, and stay hydrated…with a little water.” Andy Bernadett

“I took a writing class this year from Jaime Stathis which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was during the pandemic and we sat outdoors to avoid close contact. Writing when out in nature is very inspiring. Jaime gave us guidance on how to write and express our stories.  She personally helped me identify potential chapters in my story and get organized with folders.” Hazel Shewell