Writing Services

I teach in small groups and also offer one-on-one coaching, editing, and support. One of my favorite things to do is to help writers discover the “aboutness” of their work. Sometimes a writer tells a story but dances around what the piece is about down in its core.

One of my super powers is helping writers mine for meaning and truth through encouraging self-exploration and showing them how to push against their edges. I primarily teach creative nonfiction (essays and memoir) because I believe the truth is better than anything we can make up!

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you advance your writing, please contact me HERE.


“Jaime Stathis edits with a razor-sharp focus and always improves my writing. She makes me a better writer. I highly recommend her.”

~ Charles G. Thompson

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jaime and not only is she an excellent writer and storyteller, she edits with the precision of surgeons’ eyes.”

~ Yassmin Manauchehri