My heart breaks for all the kids who are bullied in schools, on sports fields and at home. Why are people mean? I love this song and the video rules. Good on ya, Taylor Swift.

This is what she has to say about her song “Mean”: “There’s constructive criticism, there’s professional criticism, and then there’s just being mean. And there’s a line that you cross when you just start to attack everything about a person… This happens no matter what you do, no matter how old you are, no matter what your job is, no matter what your place is in life, there’s always gonna be someone who’s just mean to you. And dealing with that is all that you can control, how you handle it. This song is about how I handle it.”

I hope kids (and adults) are inspired by its message to worry less about what people think of them, realizing that how people treat you says more about them than it does you. If nothing else I hope this song makes people smile and dance like fools in their kitchens. That’s what I’m doing.

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