The best worst time

I’ve had the best worst time in New York. Burying a loved family member isn’t easy, but it’s incredible what happens when your eyes and ears are open to life’s more subtle gifts.

I’m writing this on my iPhone, so won’t say too much, but my next post will not be a sad one. It’s going to be about old friends, babies, an October blizzard, pizza, laughing, remembering, forgetting, and realizing what is important.

I spent less than twenty-four hours with my friend of thirty-three years. We met when we were four-years-old, and are still in love although we live on opposite sides of the country. I took pictures of her kids while we were visiting, but none of us. She dropped me off at a fast food restaurant so I could hop in my mom’s car and go back to the city and she could take her four kids and herself back to Boston.

I ran around to her side of the car and asked my mom to snap a shot of us. Here we are after 14 inches of October snow, driving around downed trees and power lines, having too little sleep and too much coffee, but our hearts are brimming with love …..


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