Pure Joy

I’m in love with Waterworks Hill. I can’t believe I call it that now after so many years of calling it “the peace sign,” long after the actual billboard size peace sign had been removed from the hill.

The place brings a lot of happiness to Missoulians. All of its trailheads are within the city limits and easily accessible. The place is dog friendly and (for now at least) we can let the dogs roam untethered.

I don’t think I could ever tire of the place, for it’s never the same. The color of the grass changes. The sky is a different blue. The vista changes. Sometimes there are 360 degree views at the top, sometimes it’s a foggy mess of a town we’ve risen above.

One thing is for sure at Waterworks: it never sucks. The place just asks for it’s people to recharge. To feel pure joy resulting from the simplest things.

Here’s a short video of a very happy, very lucky boy:


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