slowing down. sort of.

Life has been busy lately. It seems to be moving a clip so quick that days become weeks, and something that seems recent is far in the past and something that felt like it would never arrive does. Tomorrow I leave for surf camp with my college friend Ady, and on the way there I get to spend the night in Seattle where I’ll see Shannon, another great college friend, and will meet Bryan and Baby Hazel. My bag is by the door despite the twelve hours between now and my departure to the airport. Patience.

The past few weeks have been full. There was a weekend at the lake with a terrific group of ladies, which also coincided with Lucky’s 10th birthday.

There was a fun Easter picnic on the Blackfoot River with old and new friends complete with smorgasbord of awesome food including salmon cooked over a fire on the beach.

With Kara

There was a trip to a local farm that raises sheep and goats to graze on Missoula’s hillsides to rid them of noxious weeds and encourage the return of native grasses. I asked the rancher if he accepts volunteers or if we’re more trouble than we’re worth, and he said I’m welcome to come out to milk or to help drive the herd the nine miles from his ranch to Missoula City’s open space. I fell in love with the babies and…why not?

And now onto the next adventure. I estimate that Ady and I have been talking about a girls’ surf trip for about seven years. A lot of things got in the way, and then suddenly nothing did. Last fall Ady made it official. She chose the place, booked it, and said, “Who’s in?” I wavered. Ashley booked it. I sold my house in Honduras and wondered if I deserved this treat. I wasn’t sure. I was. I wasn’t. I was all over the place. I couldn’t commit, but once I did the countdown was on.

Our accommodations are gorgeous hillside villas, a place I drooled over on my last visit to Sayulita, and dreamt of going back to. We’ll do yoga, have surf lessons, get massages, and eat amazing food, but best of all we’ll be together. Ady walked into my freshman dorm room at William Smith moments after my mother drove off and we’ve been friends ever since. Our good friend in common thought we’d get along and he was spot-on. When we’re together we’ll toast our friends who couldn’t join us, and especially Michele, who we miss dearly.

Camping in the Adirondacks circa 1993: Ady and me with Michele in the middle.

I started packing last week, and when I emailed Ady to tell her she said, “I’ve been packed for two weeks.” We’re just a little bit excited. This surf camp claims to make girls out of women, but I think that’ll happen as soon as we smother one another with hugs and kisses at the Puerto Vallarta airport.

But first things first. Tomorrow: Hazel Blaisdell Lhuillier. I can’t wait to squeeze that baby.

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  1. Have a wonderful time! Will miss you until your return. Love, Dan

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