Waiting On a Train

Emily and I gave our co-blogging experiment a name: The Striped Shirt Review. This installment is ten photos with ten words for each, and the title we’re both using is “Waiting On A Train.”

Nine photos are from eight recent days in NYC, and one is from Connecticut. I’m fairly certain that Emily’s are from her time living in Italy and Poland, but she’s surprised me before. Check in with her tonight to find out: Em’s middleWest.


1. Driving in through Brooklyn: “Ignorance is NOT Bliss.” Truth? Fiction?


2. I ate some of the best meals of my life.


3. Walking Lucky I explored Sunnyside more than ever. Loved it.


4. Hunting light and dark has become a habit of mine.


5. Homeless, stylish, color coordinated. A discrete snap. “Pendleton?” No matter.


6. Listerine, toothpicks, cigars, cassettes, peroxide. Condoms, spoons, Sunny-D, lighter-fluid, frutas.


7. I waited for the train as the sun went down.


8. Silhouetted Manhattan from the platform in Queens. On my own.


9. More light and dark in the city. Can’t help it.


10. Connecticut before and after. Feels like home because it is.


It was hard to pick and choose but I did.

And now I can stop thinking in groups of ten. ♥

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